Face Off inspired: Super selfie

Super selfie 2

Another look inspired by a challenge on the current season of Face Off. In episode 10 of season 8 they had to make a super hero character based on them selves, and apply the make up on them selves. So of course, that means I had to make a look on my usual go to skin and shape…and yes, I had to go with pink!

Presenting here is Gemma Pink, full time shopaholic by day, and a fashion forward vigilante by night, solving crimes and fighting evil with the help of her super duper powerful gems that give her super duper powers.

And yes, here she was last seen a week ago,taking a quick selfie break while fighting off Godzilla . 😉

Super selfie 1

Ann is wearing:

  • Skin: Lara Hurley-Fae-Rose Pale
  • Eyes: <<< negapossi >>> enchanted eyes – rose
  • Hair: [eliktira] Again – Blonde 02
  • Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1
  • Hands/feet: Slink
  • Shoes: ieQED victoria.pump.hot pink.left
  • dress: Lil’Lace-Little Secret/wN-Pink xs
  • Phone: [RazzBerry] Princess Piggy Phone
  • Helmet: .Aisling. Feldream Helmet ULTRARARE
  • Necklace: :[Plastik]:- Mystic Shot Female Necklace[Gold]:// Jutt –Current round of the secret affair
  • Belt::[Plastik]:- Mystic Shot Male Bracelet[Gold]:// Jutt (I played a bit with the male bracelet in the set, made a belt out of it)-Current round of the secret affair

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