Fantasy Fair 2015: The Storyteller kitten and the mouse that sneezed

Today is the last day of the Fantasy Fair and it makes me so incredibly sad. I wish it could last at least a month, even that wouldn’t be enough to experience every little bit the Fair has to offer. I couldn’t blog like I wished a post for every single sim and to tie it all up into a story simply because there was so much to do and see I should have taken a week off from work and just “couchpotatoed” it through 😛

The mouse that sneezed

I couldn’t resist though not showing off the looks I made with the items I got at the Fair, so today I’ll post several quick posts just showing them off. First off is a look inspired by two sims actually, The Sylvan of spells where books literally come to life (pun intended :P) and the Poppetsborough, a land created entirely when a mouse decided to sneeze. I fell in love with it’s charming story, and what a treat to be able to take a selfie with the mouse it self while wearing my shapeshifting cat avatar. The avatar is amazing btw, it is from the store Yabusaka and it transforms so seamlessly on a click of a button from human to cat form.

The Storyteller

The Storyteller transforms

Ann is wearing:

  • Avatar (mesh body) : < Yabusaka > ShapeShifter MeshAvatar FemaleCatBrown v0.9
  • Hair: Analog dog – sola – LIGHT REDS
  • Ears/tail: .aisling. – BadWolf – RARE
  • Dress: .PoshTale. Cequi Dress
  • Cowl: .PoshTale. Cequi Collar
  • Necklace: OtherSkin Aesculap Necklace
  • Sleeves: *{Junbug}* Fae Sleeves [Moss]
  • Apron: Gypsy Wolf Tavern Maid Maggie Blue Apron
  • Glasses: TBF Round Glasses

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