Dream 15: Angel of darkness

Angel of darkness closeup

Light cannot exist without the darkness…..so I had to make a look opposite to the one in the last post.

Angel of darkness

Ann is wearing:

  • Skin::[Plastik]:- Immortalia Skin-Femme:// Nerio
  • Body:Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
  • Hair:MOON // Hair // Alkaline
  • Horns (side): :[Plastik]:- Craftian Horn :// Witch
  • Horns (top): ALEGRIA SCATHA Dragon Horn Night RARE (Fantasy Gacha Carnival May round)
  • Wings:[][]Trap[][] Black Riven Wings
  • Shoulders and bracers::[Plastik]:- Iktharus Armor:// Evil (Totally top shelf May round)
  • Chest armor: :[Plastik]:- Alrende Armor:// Sophus (We love rp May round)
  • Skirt:*{Junbug}* Flowing Skirt [Ink]
  • Crown:ieQED gloriana.crown.silver
  • Circlet: :[Plastik]:- Craftian Circlet:// Witch
  • Belt::[Plastik]:- Craftian Bellyrope:// Witch
  • Mask: {anc} tuner. / speareye / black


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