Drifting 2

I struggle, actually in over a month and a half I have been trying to cope with so much stress I feel it has completely killed my inspiration. What is worse, I have been haunted by the notion that I have lost my way, I lost that drive that had me inspired for my blog from the start. Everywhere i’d look I would just see people who were much better at it than me and it drove me to the point of thinking that nothing I ever do will ever be as good and that there is no point in even doing it.


Still there was constantly that need to express my self, and today finally after so much time I managed to get my self to dive back in it. I wanted to do something simple, for a change leave my model fully nude with only a tattoo on her and drifting in an undefined space of grey glitter. It is how I feel right now, I am drifting in between what I have to do, my job and real life forcing me to grow up, while internally I am dreading it and don’t want to.


2 thoughts on “Struggles

  1. You know that I love your blog. You know that I love your creativity. But more importantly, the blog should be about you. Forget about everyone else. What matters is following your passions, for yourself…and if you wish to create a pink fluffy unicorn that dances upon a rainbow ( =P ), do it. I love you loads and understand the challenges facing you right now. But, I’m always here. If needed. ❤ Welcome back!

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