Dream 30: Back to the future!

Back to the future 2

Today is the day…the future, it is here and we are living in it!

It is of course the 30th anniversary of the movie franchise “Back to the future” and the famous date in which Marty McFly visits┬áthe future. It is so odd because I remember watching the movie as a kid, and 2015 seemed like such a distant space age…and now that I am living in that age it is nothing special. Sure we are not flying on hover boards, and the movie Jaws didn’t come to the sequel number 19, but a lot of things have been made recently that would have made┬ámy head spin 15 years ago. Carrying around a piece of plastic that is not only a phone but also a complete entertainment center with full access to all the internet and applications I desire…my 12 year old self would have dropped on her ass.

Inspired by all the nostalgia of my childhood I just had to create a look that fit the theme. It also was an opportunity for me to finally take out of my inventory that super cool Delorean that I got as a gift somewhere and never really used.I even have the same sneakers from the movie and the hoverboard! Yes I am a big dork, but hey it is totally fun!

Back to the future 1


Dream 29 : Blue angel

Blue angel 2

I sit and wait
Does an angel contemplate my fate
And do they know
The places where we go
When we’re grey and old
‘cos I have been told
That salvation lets their wings unfold
So when I’m lying in my bed
Thoughts running through my head
And I feel that love is dead
I’m loving angels instead.

Blue angel 1