Dream 31: The Celestial Bastet

“Bastet was a goddess in ancient Egyptian religion , worshiped as early as the Second Dynasty (2890 BC). As Bast, she was the goddess of warfare in Lower Egypt.”

The Celestial Bastet 2

This is a late night quick edit of an outfit I came up with when going through all my unsorted gacha items. Something new, as the newest Equinox outfit from Lab featured at the Fantasy Gacha carnival (Thank you Leetah!! <3), and something older, the Tentacio doll body gacha and Pixicat Bastet items.

The Celestial Bastet

A farewell to Gor (kind of)

It has been years since I started to rp in Gor, just thinking back on the time that passed gives me a headache. Even though I experienced both good and bad times , all in all it was an worth while experience. Not only have I learned a lot about role play, and my self, I also met people who daily enrich my life. However, lately I have found so little inspiration into role play for that setting. It started to feel so limiting and I know it is time to move away from it. It doesn’t mean I am going to delete and forget everything from the past few years, but I am in need of a clean fresh start, and what better way to do it than to dedicate the biggest blog post I ever did to it. Or rather, to the outfits and looks I have saved up. It seemed like a waste to keep the outfits just in my inventory and not show them off one more time.

This picture is a collage of looks of my avi and how she changed through the years. From the total noob look patched together from freebies, to the look that had on everything the newest events had to offer. My roles changed from playing a slave to playing a high caste woman, the second role being one that has always been more interesting and appealing for me to play, hence why all of the saved outfits are high caste outfits.

Gorean looks through the years

This gown is one of the first more elaborate looks with the butterfly headpiece from RO that I just had to have.

The high caste 2

This gown is from old Ar, when I was just starting off with the whole builder caste role.

The high caste 10

This one was me being couture experimental, i just adored the hat and found the dress to match it.

The high caste 9

Pink and purple along with a badass dragon headpiece, totally perfect for sneaking off into the bad part of the city.

The high caste 6

I love red, and along with the giant neck piece I pretended to be of the red caste.

The high caste 11

While keeping things in the red caste, this look was perfect for a captain of a ship.

The high caste 5

A slightly more simple look with the headpiece I was so happy to get out of the gacha machine.

The high caste 13

This look was perfect for heading off to battle, the black metal corset could fend off any arrow,it is also one of my more favorite looks.

The high caste 3

This was my more serious look, a travelling outfit even, because yes, she always had to be fashionable.

The high caste 4

A look that actually made her seem like she belonged to her caste, a gorgeous builders yellow.

The high caste 7

A look inspired of course by Frozen, gentle blue and white matched her blond wig perfectly.

The high caste 12

Also in blue, this look made along with the last few for the new Ar in 2015.

The high caste 16

The gorgeous green gown, perfect for making people think I was playing a physician and trying to get me to deliver their babies.

The high caste 15

An everyday look for the lady of the builders caste, one has to order the builders around in style.

The high caste 14

My final look and one of my most favorite ones.

The high caste 1

I do hope you have enjoyed this brief trip through my role play wardrobe. Even though I might wander into a gorean sim from time to time, I will focus my time and energy somewhere else. I have a few plans and ideas brewing so stay tuned!