Dream 17: All Booger bears go to heaven.

All Booger bears go to heaven

So, everyone who knows me know i’m a big gacha addict…and I am often going around yard sales trying to find that particular item I am missing from a set (yes David Heather pink jewelry box you will be mine one day 😛 ) Anyhow, I stumbled across one yard sale a couple days back that has so many booger bears rezzed all at one spot that I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a few pictures with them. Granted I had to derender most of the place, and I stood on a pose stand in the middle of the floor, moving back and forth as I tried to align the shot, so people seeing me must have thought I went completely mental XD.

Booger bear heaven

As much as it was fun taking these pictures, it also makes me sad a little bit, because there are so many of these plushies there that no one really wants as they are “commons” and everyone is looking for the “cool” rare ones…so it almost felt like a warehouse of old unwanted toys. I was tempted to buy them up, but with the new rebuild i’m doing there wouldn’t be anywhere I could place them. In the end I got to comfort my self with the fantastical thought that each and every one of these bears that doesn’t go to a loving home will go to the pixel heaven where all the surplus of pixel toys goes. 😉


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